Jason Hurst

started hacking on a commodore 64 before i was 10

loading in basic programs that were in the back of magazines... peeks/pokes and ,8,1 anyone?

also remember fondly the day i clipped a hole in a floppy and doubled the capacity

then moved on to an XT clone that was supposed to be an accounting machine for my parent's business

seemed like a step backward from the commodore... orange monochrome screen, lame pc speaker, no games

found out it wouldn't read a high-density floppy (1.4MB at the time) so replaced the cpu with an nec v20 that would

added a modem and found the world of BBS... now it seemed like the XT was actually useful for something other than simple dos games

BBS doors games were awesome... playing online (pre-internet) with other folks was relatively new and no one else i knew was doing it

rushing home to play my tradewars turns before they expired was an imperative!

from my local BBS connection, i would branch out to any system i could contact via phone line... sometimes you'd find a nice sysop who would provide a non-toll gateway

then i was introduced to the internet via a windows 3.11 trumpet winsock connection and the ncsa mosiac browser

can still remember watching the first picture load in a webpage... took forever and rendered line by line

taught myself HTML from a book and have been hacking on the web ever since

i have been fortunate in my IT career to have worked with a number of awesome people

i'd like to acknowledge them in rough chronological order:

-  Bill Norton - the father of a rugby buddy... was my first 'real' web design contract... also kept me in beer money doing show setup and teardowns

-  George Matthews - ex father-in-law... george gave me my first real gig as a computer service tech... until then i had been working building webpages for folks and fixing computers for anyone who asked

-  Mark Boyle -  he gave me my first job with MTT at their NBO office... this was pre-merger (Aliant) and was an amazing place to work

-  Everage  -  this was a company where Andrew Wilcox, Cliff Gibb, Josh Huff and myself worked for an Ontario contracting outfit... great guys and interesting contract-based work

-  Sportsdatabases - another great group of folks... Mark, Peter, Kevin, Barry, Johnny, Scott, Jeff... was like hanging out with friends every day

-  Jon Blanchard  -  easily the most eccentric guy i know... brought me to my current gig... we've drifted since he left and i miss our chats